the candydoll files.
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You don't see me like I see you
This is a screenshot of my alternate (and dead) Multiply site. Back in May last year, I deleted my @rainbowdoll site and my Friendster page.  Out of boredom last night, I opened this again and was shocked to see at my old blog entries. Those posts were cross-posted from my old Blogspot, Xanga and LiveJournal accounts. I cannot believe it. Many of what I've read were memories from sophomore year. Imagine that? It's been TWO YEARS since I made all notoriety in my online writing. There were lots of revelations and shockers in the picture: I once hated Facebook, 2008 was a horrible year and I kept on posting things a lot of people think reveal my naive nature.

I also saw three of my albums. The photos were taken from a camera phone and a webcam with very poor resolution. Like the blog entries I rediscovered, I want to laugh at how screwed I looked in my old pics. It was too pejorative to pose like a skunk then upload them like no one's viewing. The reminisce of my dreckitude definitely made my night. 

[The Pretty Reckless]


Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 1:15 PM.