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J Biebs: Hot or Not?

While I was backreading my dashboard on Tumblr, this post struck my attention. It was all about Justin Bieber, probably the biggest teen superstar today. 

In 2008, everyone was crazy about the Jonas Brothers. They grew old, Kevin got married, they changed their image...and lost the popularity they once had. Where are they now? GONE. Their last album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, didn't sell that much.

Now 2010 emerged a breakthrough in teen music with the creation of the Canadian heartthrob. Bieber's music video "Baby" hit over 400 million views making it as YouTube's most watched of all time. He was on countless magazine covers all over the world. He made about 10 singles in the previous year alone. He won "Artist of the Year" in the American Music Awards. This month, he's set to release his 3D movie. He's one of the few teens who has a cover story at Vanity Fair. A million girls are screaming over him. He's almost always a trending topic on Twitter. 

And like any other singer, he cannot please everybody. 

The world is now divided into two: Beliebers and anti-Biebers. He gets critcized for his effeminancy and his squeaky singing voice. Several celebrities think he's overrated. He's on TV almost everyday. His songs are way overplayed already. A lot of people think he doesn't deserve all the attention he's getting like the writer in the article said. Well, there really are a lot of singers who are much better than him. There are a lot of non-celebrities his age who are more handsome and talented than him. And for instance, the heartthrob status is sure to go away after a given period of time.

Once upon a time, everyone hated the Jonas Brothers when they were the Kings of Teen Pop. Now they're losing to Bieber, everyone wants them back. In my opinion, Justin Bieber should enjoy his current fame because in two years or so, there's a great chance he'll get replaced by someone younger and fresher.

Now that's how the entertainment world works. Only the most talented and charismatic survive.


Posted on Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 2:54 PM.