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At the stroke of midnight last Thursday, I officially turned the Twilight age of 17. Hours before that, I was worried no one will write on my Facebook wall or remember my birthday. When the day ended, it turned out to be better than expected.  I didn't end up as the Forever Alone guy on my birthday because I received a lot of greetings from my classmates, schoolmates, teachers and relatives. It felt great for the people who care for me to have the 20th marked as my day. 

A big thanks to the Lord Almighty, my family, IV-3, schoolmates, friends, teachers and online buddies for making my 17th birthday one for the ages! It won't be possible without your help. It was KASAMAHAN session that day and I enjoyed playing with the day care kids. At dismissal time, dad picked me up and along with my ninongs and uncles we had an escapade first at Banapple for dinner then Metrobar for pure quality entertainment. Plus there's a lot of food tripping! Be prepared to see the sight of these yummy dishes:

At Banapple:

Crispy Chicken Bellpepper Sandwich w/ Potato Chips

Cheesy Penne Pasta w/ Garlic Bread

After dinner, we headed straight to Metrobar and was there up to 1:30 AM. Even though the show wasn't as entertaining as I wanted, it was great to be with my dad and relatives on my birthday. And what an experience to enter a comedy bar! At around 2:30 AM, my dad and I headed to Cavite so I got to miss school. 

Friday and Saturday was amazing. On Friday, we went to SM Dasmarinas for some strolling. We were supposed to watch The Green Hornet but by the time we entered the cinema complex it was already closed because the last full show was being played. The next day, I had a heap of spicy chicken burger, French fries, onion rings and sundae at Burger King and it was the most amazing lunch I've had in a while. 

At dinner time, my cousins arrived at my grandparents' house for a celebration. There were lots of food galore and photos with the whole family. Thank God for my camera!

My favorite photo of Abby and me (current Twitter DP) - forgive me for my chinky-eyed cousin!

Reese in color accent

At around 1:40 AM, we left Cavite to drop off Dad at the airport. I got home at around 3:00 AM and did some Internet surfing. Hihi. 

On a lighter note, tomorrow is our outbound trip to Mt. Banahaw. I'm so excited to go there! Won't be entering the scary Husgado cave though.

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Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 9:33 PM.