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I wanna be with you and no one else
A lot of amazing things have happened the past two weeks in college. At present, I’m having the time of my life with my friends and blockmates  while juggling it with my academics.  I haven’t been online at nighttime as often as I used to because I would go home dead-tired and all I wanted were two things: sleep and food. If you’ve been wondering what did I do for the past two weeks, I’ll give you a quick recap on the best things that happened so far.

Last July 3, our block went to Hidden Valley, Laguna for our SCIENVB field trip where we had a tree-planting activity. Unfortunately, not all of our blockmates were present because some had to leave early for an important affair while others were not allowed to join. Nevertheless, all of us went home exhausted but happy. What I really enjoyed about the trip is that it was a huge opportunity for me to bond with my blockmates which I did with our chatters at the poolside. Although I didn’t get to swim because my parents didn’t allow me to, I had a great time talking to the boys and girls of my block about random things. Since it was my first outdoor trip with my college blockmates, I felt the homesick feeling of not having my HS classmates with me.  I really enjoyed the outbound trips with IV-3 in the Seven Lakes (third year) and Mount Banahaw (fourth year), and I want to bring everything back right into my very eyes. I’d have to say that the SCIENVB field trip wasn’t the best, my blockmates made it super enjoyable and memorable.

The next two days after our field trip weren’t very pleasant despite a LRT ride home with Ange and Jeppy that Monday. I don’t know what was bugging me that time, so my mood wasn’t that great. But on Saturday (July 9), everything turned around. When I woke up that morning, I prayed to God and asked him for a cheerful day. And I’m glad He answered my prayers because I didn’t felt lonely or unhappy during the whole time I was in school. In lieu of our field trip at Hidden Valley, our professor decided to avail of the free cut in SCIENVB that day. At first, I thought it would be very boring because I was uncertain with what would I do.  I was glad they invited me to play volleyball with them at the Enrique Razon Sports Center. I agreed, but I had to buy snacks first because I was really hungry. After finishing my snacks, I proceeded to playing volleyball and dodgeball. A meal at Agno followed soon after and we had a great time talking about concerts, schools and telephone calls. It was a carefree day and I really liked it. The Wednesday after that week, I had a Chicken Burger and fries at KFC in U-Mall with blockmates before climbing up seven floors to our ENGLCOM classes and arriving in the classroom just in time.

This past Sunday was window-shopping day because my aunt wanted to look at the most affordable dumbbells and buy DVDs at Divisoria. When we got there, a lot of things have changed since the last time we went there back in May. Among all the changes, what distinguished greatly was that the DVD stalls were replaced by shoe racks and knockoff bags.  I remembered all of a sudden the old days in the summer last year when my mom and I would buy three to four DVDs every time we were bored and we wanted something interesting to watch. Now that mom’s abroad and I don’t watch DVDs as much as I used to due to the existence of torrents and video streaming, I began to miss those days again. From 11 to 3PM, my aunt and I strolled around 168 and 999 Mall to look at dumbbells and fashions.  I fell asleep when I got home but I woke up fifteen minutes later to the sounds of In The Name of Love DVD my aunt bought. Speaking of that movie, it was the first Pinoy movie I’ve ever watched (in theaters and home)  since last summer. The storyline wasn’t cliché but there was a resemblance with Dirty Dancing. Nonetheless, the movie was good except for the ambiguous ending. 

Yesterday and today were awesome as heck. After class yesterday, I spent an hour and a half in Zaide with Vyanka, Monz, and Jeline where we talked about everything we wanted along with lots of revelations :)) The four of us talked about our KASPIL professor, the best and worst crushes we ever had, and a lot of girl talk. Just this morning, I was with them again for a little road trip since ENGLCOM was cancelled in light of our prof's absence. First, we went to Sherwood Place because Monz needed to talk to her older sister. After that, we pigged out on a gallon of Selecta Hazelnut Brownie ice cream while having a laughtrip. Several minutes later, Paulo and Andrew sat with us for a few minutes and started teasing us about random stuff. When the ice cream gallon was empty, my girl blockmates and I headed to the Malate office to drop off Vyanka for her residency. Jeline and Monz went home already, and here am I in The Coffee Bean blogging about everything fun that happened during the past two weeks. 

  • All Time Low's coming to Manila on September 22! As much as I want to watch them live, I can't because the tickets are too expensive :/ Vyanka is so lucky because she'll finally get to see her favorite band since seventh grade and even before the band got famous on Tumblr. In fact, she bought a ticket already (hihi). 
  • I haven't been online at night because I'm tired from school everyday. However, I really miss chatting with my HS friends on FB :(
  • A must-try: beef and mushroom pizza from Calzone! I had this for lunch yesterday at only P35 :)
  • I've dreamt of our unreleased STC annuals several times already! PLEASE OH PLEASE RELEASE THE YEARBOOKS NOW!!!!
  • To go to the Thomasian Walk on July 29 or not??? I really want to see my HS friends again.
*Forgive me for the long blogpost because I haven't written any decent material =))*

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I'll be back.
There are some rambles with my personal and school life right now that's why I haven't been updating this blog lately. But don't worry, everything in my life is getting awesome right now :)
Posted on Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 7:08 PM.
At this very moment, I do not know whether I should abandon my Blogspot and move to Tumblr or not.

But I ain't gonna do that because The Candydoll Files has been an outlet of my memories from first year high school until my freshman year in college. Besides, a personal blog on Tumblr might be filled with reblogs and it won't be worth the change.
Posted on Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 8:31 PM.
The Power of Facebook
Today, my old friend from STC, Vicky, posted on my wall in Facebook. A few hours ago, I left her an advanced birthday post (her birthday is on Wednesday) since the Theresian Student Council sent her a birthday card five days before the 7th (her actual birthday). As soon as she read the message, she quickly responded. It was so touching to read that she appreciated my message so much and I was the first one to greet her. Thanks, Vicky! :) 

Since YM is screwed, I downloaded Trillian IM this afternoon before going to SMSL with my tita to buy snacks for Sunday's SCIENVB trip. From the first time I loaded it, I immediately got interested with it because of its expanded features. With Trillian, you can connect your Facebook, YM, Twitter, etc. right on your desktop with an account in the client. Online friends can be separated from those who are offline and you can update your Twitter status directly from it. True enough, Trillian never failed to please me. After the installation and self-testing, I therefore end that Trillian is a better instant messaging client than Yahoo! Messenger.  Moreover,  I can no longer suffer the pain of opening my web browser and logging in to Facebook only to disappoint myself because a close friend isn't online on chat. As for FB chat, I used it after what it seemed like an eternity. As for tonight's first chat on the social networking website, I had a really cheesy conversation with Sam. We were talking about everything: FILKOMU, freshman convocations, cute batchmates, etc. Every sentence we exchanged took me back to our fourth year elective classes in CWJ when we were seatmates and we chatted about Kurt Hummel and the hot guy we saw somewhere around the Web. From the conversation Sam and I just had, it was revisiting the nostalgia of HS which by the way ended roughly four months ago. I really hope that one day Sam could make use of her free time to ignite from Katipunan to Taft so she could catch up with me like life has once been. 

Meanwhile, Chini and Camz caught up with me while I was exchanging IMs with Sammich. Camz invited me to watch a NCAA competition at the Araneta tomorrow but I politely declined because of the NSTP Orientation from 1:30-3:30PM. However, I thanked her for the invite. After Camz, Chini buzzed me to blab about her engineering course while I shared about my hectic college schedule. Before the chat ended, Chini said she's looking forward to see her HS classmates again on the rescheduled UST Freshman Walk on July 15. On Twitter, Aly shared to me about how she requested her parents to give her dream phone, a Samsung Corby II in pink. I saw the yellow-colored back cover of the phone in SMSL a while earlier and I was fascinated with its sophisticated appearance and dynamic performance. And since Aly's favorite color is the same as mine which is pink, I think the phone would suit her girly and creative personality. 

As I publish this post, it would be July 2 already. So technically speaking, today's my NSTP Orientation. If I hadn't checked my FB account yesterday, then I would not have been aware of its "attendance is a must" rule.


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