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i've moved to tumblr and you can visit me there if you still want a piece of me.
Watch the girls strut by like it's a catwalk
Meet my planner. Look how packed up my senior year is right now. The monthly calendar page serves as my outlet for assignments, quizzes and other important reminders. As for the main weekly pages, it's like my "diary" of the best (and worst) of the day.

Last Thursday, I got my USTET result via mail. And yes, I passed Communication Arts. I won't be going there though since I decided to go to DLSU already. 

On the other note, the big envelope from La Salle arrived last Wednesday.It looks like DLSU and I will be very great friends.

I changed my Tumblr URL again yesterday. If you want more of my favorite stuff, then follow me at!



Posted on Sunday, January 30, 2011 at 6:33 PM.