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The beating of a million drums
It's always an amazing feeling when your friends, the ones you haven't seen since the end of the school year, send you a text message or write on your wall asking how you've been doing. My friends in STC are the best. Even over the summer, they wanted to know what I'm up to lately. Most especially when your first day of college is tomorrow. :)

Tuesday was Homebound Day but it turned out to be Virtual Friendship Day. Less than expected, my cellphone started beeping with text messages from friends I failed to text the whole summer. Other than that, I posted on a bunch of people's Facebook walls to say hello. I'd like to conclude that today may have been the day when I got stuck at home unlike last week's Singapore escapade (more details on my next post) but it was worth it. I got to pump up my social life once and for all, even in the futuristic way.

It all started with Moe's and Kharisse's text messages. I texted them back and forth. Then on FB, I posted a status about my anticipation for college life. Out of the ordinary, I got more than 10 likes on my status. I was like, "Oh my, it was just a status!" But to those people, I'd like to say thank you :) Then there came the wall-to-wall posts and comments.

I guess that's what friends are for. Speaking of friends, I met new ones during the LPEP Freshman Orientation last May 11-12! I'll keep this short but here's what happened in bulleted form:

  • I'm in block LR23
  • On the first day, we had a lot of discussions from several student organizations
  • We played rounds of "Bahay, Baboy, Bagyo"
  • We learned the La Sallian prayers and school hymn
  • Got to ride home with a new friend :)
  • The Culture Arts Group was soooooo amazing (second day)!
  • Food was disappointing
  • "Be active, active, active, active!" LOL at the safety guidelines video =))
  • DLSU Centennial Dance - EPIC WIN (especially during the chorus) 
  • Pep squad - worth the watch!
Have you seen the newest all-star Adidas commercial? If not, you should check this out. Justice's newest single in four years is my current LSS for its catchy beats and dynamic ambience. Be sure to download the song on your iPods if you have the chance.



Posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 10:58 PM.