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TCP #6: Things That Everyone Loves Except You
In the past, I've blogged several times about the things I love and hate.  Since this is my getting-to-know-you blogging project, you'll get a broader extent of me as an individual. The previous entries of TCP were about precious things. Let's move on to something unpleasant. I'll share to you the things I cannot stand while everyone's going gaga over them. BTW, details will be explained further after the list below.
  • Teleseryes with recycled storylines and unoriginal plots (Remakes, remakes...)
  • "Teach me how to dougie" (Somebody explain this)
  • Local showbiz (Full of wasted talent and plastic charisma)
  • Plastic surgery to look like a celebrity (Barbie wannabes, anyone?)
  • Multiply's popularity (hurrah for Tumblr)
  • Jejemons (so 2010)
  • Fads that will quickly fade out
  • Follower-beggers (I DON'T FOLLOW BACK, OKAY?)
  • Heavily edited Facebook photos (Who doesn't?)
  • People who beg for likes and comments on Facebook (SERIOUSLY!)
  • People overhyped because of their average looks (I know a lot of people who fall in this category, celebrity or ordinary person)
Teleseryes, were great in the early 2000s. That was back when soap operas were acceptable. However, we're now in the new decade and it's a different generation. GMA making a remake of Captain Barbell for the millionth time while ABS-CBN resurrects a classic soap opera with a modern touch. Here's your typical Pinoy teleserye: poor girl gets beaten up by a flawless rich girl, the damsel in distress heroine falls in love with a handsome rich man, the rich girl dies in the end by means of a car accident or a fall from the Empire State Building and there we see a happy ending. Getting overzealous? Here's another one: a poor girl loses her diary, finds it, then loses it, finds it again, then some snatcher took it away...the infinity supports the claim of a 30-year old story. If you want to get bored to death, then better watch an afternoon soap running since the 1960's with an endless plot and some of the characters deceased in time of the show's airing. Look up Days of Our Lives on Google and you'll see what I mean. It garnered skyrocketing ratings at the prime of the show in the 1970's but went downhill when the story shifted to eye-boggling directions. Lesson of the story: a plot must be straight to the point, not too long with an unpredictable ending and dynamic characters. No expectations attached.

Moving on to local showbiz, no one stands out anymore may it be in looks or talent. All they put in the spotlight these days  are reality TV show winners, actors who can't act for real and famous people claiming they own the country. Sorry, but I've seen that performance of yours before. And you think you're famous just because you have 400,000 Facebook fans? Jeez, famous your face. 

Plastic surgery to be a human Barbie / celebrity doppleganger? There are limelight-free men / women who are far better-looking. Look at the world surrounding you, darling.

"Pa-like ng DP ko, please" I just don't get the idea why a lot of Facebookers are obsessed with competing for the number of likes and comments on their profile pictures. To those people who send a dumbass message to each of their 1000 virtual buddies telling them to like their pixelated pictures...will 300 likes on your FB display photo make you more beautiful and popular than the average Facebook user? If no one likes your picture, is it an implementation that you're horse-ugly? The answer? For someone in this state of dilemma is yes. But for me, it's no big deal. Hit the button only if the photo you're viewing is like-worthy. Away from the profile picture beauty contest, isn't it frustrating to see a photogenic FB user looking plain in real-life? Their secret to a simply flawless snapshot when they don't look anything special in person: photo enhancement. Thank you Photoshop and Photoscape for your amazing wonders.

Lastly, I hate those people whose looks are overrated. Frankly speaking, I'm more into classic and exquisite beauties than the sexy persona we always see in men's magazines. Yes, these people are beautiful to others but looking at them they're just common-looking. There are a lot of women who are deemed as the most beautiful in the world when they have a million lookalikes across the globe. Read between the lines: a pretty girl with a lot of lookalikes in the campus is an example of an overrated looking person to me.

There you go, I'm done with venting the steam of boiling points.


Posted on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 1:06 AM.