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It feels great to return to the place where you come from after a vacation you'll never forget. It is overwhelming to see the smiling faces of your mother, father, brother, sister and your dog upon seeing your shadow right in their very eyes. You come across the actions of affection from those people: hugs, kisses, pecks and the strokes on the hair. Your eyes gleam with happiness as you get the picture of what a warm welcome is like. As expected, they will ask you to tell stories about your sweet escapade in the place you considered as home for several days, weeks or even months. The long line of adventures come in order: your first visit to the breathtaking beach, the bottle of pure sand you collected as a souvenir of your real-life wonderland and for a little touch a receipt from this native restaurant you've fallen in love with. What's with a memorable vacation without pictures? A picture speaks a thousand words. It describes your experience of how is it like to explore the places a lot of people fantasize about. Additionally, this is a keepsake to last for a lifetime. When you speak of the word "lifetime", it is synonymous to ethereal, long-lasting and for colloquial sake, forever. 

Once you're back at home, you try to kick off the homesick feeling you developed on the onset of your vacation. However, you miss the place you just left several hours ago. You miss the picture perfect ambience. Your tummy grumbles, sending you a message to feed it with a dish that is not available in your homeland. Get the picture? At the moment you arrive back at the country you've loved from the day you were born, you imagine time sped back to the first time you laid your eyes on the landscape you've been dreaming to visit since your geography teacher taught you about it back when you were ten years old. 

As the old folks quote, home is where the heart is. Looking back, you want to keep calm and never let go of your evasive tendencies towards your home being the globetrotting person you are. But no matter where you are, nothing compares to the value of being at a place smothered in love, warmth and unity. 


Posted on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 11:01 PM.