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We are a mess, we are a failure
This is the collection of my Facebook profile pictures from way 2009 to the present. When I transferred all of my 68 DPs to my hard drive, I made the quick decision to compile all of them to make a Profile Picture Collage before deleting some of the old photos I've got. While making this, I was rolling on the floor laughing because it was only halfway the processing I realized I looked awful in my first few display pictures particularly those up to August 2010. Picture this: black eyebugs popping out of my face, a pout bigger than a coin, badly-edited images and me looking wasted. I bet it's enough to make a bad impression as a whole.

Holy Week 2011 was different from the past ones. Since 2003 up until last year, there were no out of town trips. But this year was different. I left Manila for Cavite on Wednesday morning. The next day, Maundy Thursday, my aunt's family and I went to seven churches ranging from the nearest church in GMA to Lipa, Batangas. Good Friday was stuck at home day, Saturday was alloted for a swim in Pacific Parkplace and Sunday was Mass at The Orchard before a lunch in SM Dasma.

The photos will speak for itself how much fun I had.

Look! It's a monkey in one of the churches' outdoors!

Very exquisite paintings at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

Outtakes of my cousins and me (first and second), a landscape of one of the churches (third), Pacific Parkplace (fourth)

Yesterday, I found out my block. Giddy for me! Unfortunately, I think I don't have a blockmate from STC considering that AB-LIM is a very subtle course among college students. If ever you're reading this portion of the entry right now and you happen to be assigned in the same block, then I'm giving you a virtual hug because you're my future blockmate! >:D<

Have you watched the Royal Wedding this afternoon? Everyone's happy for Prince William (the half-bald prince LOL) and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's fairytale marriage. Aside from the elegant wedding ceremony viewed by approximately 2 billion viewers, it was apparent that Prince Harry is getting the same amount of attention as the new royal couple. After the event, everyone wants to marry him someday now he's the remaining prince who's, um, single. If your eyes weren't glued to the television this afternoon, I'll just give you photos from my Tumblr in subject of Kate's gown, the wedding ceremony and one GIF of Harry minus the Half-Bald Prince.

***Flower Girl: "Prince William, Y U NO MARRY ME?"

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