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Save The Best For Last
The last leg of my summer vacation is at Singapore - the place where I'm in at right now. I won't be blogging for about a week because I'll be out almost everyday for nine days (up to May 22). In case you're wondering what happened as soon as I arrived here, I'll give you the tell-all before I forget everything.

My uncle and I arrived at the NAIA at around 3 pm. Because our expected check-in time is at 6 pm, we headed over to Jollibee to buy lots of food to eat before we board the airplane. Imagine the big feast we had: Chickenjoy, fries, large Coke, iced mocha java, palabok and regular Yum. Our boarding pass was released at 7 pm then we went straight to Gate 14 to wait for the boarding announcement. According to the itinerary of our flight, our departure time was at 9:10 PM. Due to circumstances we cannot fathom, our flight was delayed up to 2 hours. Imagine our expression when the usherettes asked us to sit down, keep calm and wait for our take-off. Yes, we were pissed and we wanted to cancel our flight much to the pilot's surprise. And for what it seemed like an eternity, the plane took off at 11 pm. Consequently, the plane ride made me sick from the beginning up to the end. It gave me massive headaches and explosive eardrums. There was no form of audio-visual equipment in the airplane so it was a date between my PSP and I. Rainbow barfs and worst case scenarios of migraines later, we arrived at last in Singapore at 2 o'clock in the morning. Trust me, the airport there is sooo cool you'd like to stay there forever. As soon as my uncle and I arrived at the arrival hall, we saw my parents waving at us. Before we headed home, we had a spectacular meal at Spize Resturant. Finally, we got home at 5 AM to sleep.

My first-ever vacation out of the country is turning out very good. In fact, we just got home from Vivo City an hour ago.


Posted on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 5:56 PM.