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I like my beats fast

Saturday night was so boring, the unnamed notebook of mine stored four movies I downloaded via torrent and I wanted to watch a movie to kill the boredom. In between a very hilarious edition of Pilipinas Got Talent and Tumblring, I watched A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. It's every teenage girl's story about high school crushes. A very excellent movie without the cliche storyline. Want some spoilers? Can't tell you unless you watched the film >:) And like every other girl who has watched the film, Mario Maurer (who played Shone) gave me a heart attack and had me flopping on the floor because of his hotness. But my Gyllenhaalism will always come first!

***I want to watch Source Code because Jake is there. A lot of people are saying it's fantastic. :)

Now let me give you a glimpse of Mr. Maurer if you want your desktop in flames:

Unrelated to the movie: I'm raping the play button at present because of DEV and The Cataract's hot new single. Today, I listened to Bass Down Low for more than ten times. I'm not really into this kind of music (dance / electronic) but this one's off the hook. Thank you radio for updating me with supercalifragiheckyeah music!

But wait, what's the connection of Black Eyed Peas with this song? I'm still wondering...

[DEV and The Cataracts]


Posted on Monday, April 11, 2011 at 11:48 PM.