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***Reposting the Summer Plans from my Tumblr :)
Now I’m a month away from being a college freshman, I’m making a list of plans to accomplish this summer:
  • Give my blogs a total makeover
  • A summer getaway abroad (Singapore, please?)
  • Read more books of all genres from classic to mystery
  • Catch up with my favorite TV shows
  • Discover new shows to watch 
  • Watch more movies
  • Be more updated with awesome music
  • Buy a whole new wardrobe
  • Write, write and write
  • Be more active in Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
  • Add more checks in my wishlist
  • Delete strangers in my friends list, unfollow inactive blogs 
  • Eat less junk food

As of this writing, a very annoying bug is invading my immune system. Oh yes, the delirious cold is back ready to ruin my summer. The theory is true: cold nights, hot afternoons. However, it doesn't make sense. It's summertime and here I am in a relationship with Mr. Nose Ranger. You're supposed to be attached to me during the rainy days and not Sahara season! I'm just writing about this because I can't stand sneezing every twenty seconds. 

It's almost midnight and I'm friggin' hungry. To fill up my grumbling stomach, I'll post food to satisfy my craving! Come on laptop, make the photos real so I could eat like a big blue whale! A little caution for you kids: everything you see in this post is less than ordinary. 

Time for a feast.

Bonding with friends tomorrow.

[Katy Perry]


Posted on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at 11:37 PM.