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Last Thursday was my long-awaited STC HS graduation. I could tell that it was a very rewarding and tremendous experience to achieve one of my goals in life. After 11 years of sleepless nights and melodramatic plots, I finally accomplished what I've always wanted: a diploma for more than a decade's work. Plus, the success of my graduation ceremony (minus forgetting the bow, hihi) won't be possible without my dad and aunt who witnessed the culmination of my labor that day. 

After the graduation, the three of us headed to Shakey's Retiro for dinner. It sucked to know that there was no more chicken available. But I was still heaped with the bunch of food we ordered - Friday's Special pizza, mojos and dip, carbonara and Captain's Platter (calamares, fries and fish sticks). Lesson of the night: no chicken, no problem! The next day was distribution of cards where I got to see my classmates and friends for the last time before college. Before we proceeded to our respective classrooms to get our cards, our batch presented a birthday tribute for our principal and it was good. Several minutes later, all of us headed to the only working photocopying machine and the registrar's office for college matters. 

Then that's how my STC life unfolded. Dad and I had lunch at Greenwich in Harrison Plaza before heading to DLSU to confirm my slot. I saw four or five of my bathmates there and they were very approachable. I guess it's gonna be a great college life for me. Confirmation lasted only about ten minutes; I got my student ID number and enrollment schedule in the process. We headed to Cavite afterwards. Google is having problems with uploading the photos right now so I can't post my kick-arse HS diploma in this post.

Summer is boring when you have nothing to do but stay at home. I'm glad I'll be taking a well-deserved trip to Singapore sometime this month.

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Posted on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at 8:44 PM.