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TCP#5: Favorite TV shows

I discovered Skins back in the summer last year. I got myself addicted to the show from the very first episode where Tony Stonem is focused, his sister Effy has a non-speaking role, Cassie Ainsworth says "Oh wow, lovely" for the first time and the gang trashes an open party organized by a wealthy girl. After two series, the first generation takes a bow and we finally get to see Effy in a lead role plus a new ensemble cast to watch. Recently, Series 5 concluded with a new group of amateurs. See how the series evolved within four years of existence? That is one thing I love about Skins. It's the show like no other: amateur actors, ensemble cast every two seasons (series) and the storylines evolve from abortion to eating disorders.

I started watching Glee the same time I savored Skins. So far, the second season is better than the first because of many reasons. Number one, Rachel Berry (my least favorite character) isn't always in the spotlight anymore. Number two, Brittany Spears finally gets the chance to shine with her superb dancing and singing skills. Number three, Kurt Hummel and Blaine, enough said. Number four, Quinn Fabray (all-time favorite) morphs back to her old, queen bee self. And number five, there are more characters to love and the whole cast gets the spotlight now and not just one member of the group. Three cheers to Gleekiness!

Blair Waldorf is, was and will always be my favorite character. Serena van der Woodsen took the spotlight during the first season but I was glad to see Blair taking a big leap on the second. I witnessed the divine transformation of Jenny Humphrey from goody-two-shoes wannabe to the nightmarish girl from hell (still love her though). What I like about the series is the marvelous fashions, the surprise twists and the electrifying romances. Gossip Girl stands out from other upper-class dramas because none of the characters is flawless even the girl who has it all gets a not-so-ravishing treatment.

The Simpsons is not the cartoon for the narrow-minded. It may have crude humor in its plots but the family points out the reality of life. What's extraordinary about this show is that it lasted for 22 years with a star on the Walk of Fame, a hit movie and a boomtastic merchandise in its name. For me, nothing will ever replace its wholesomeness with a mix of wit. How I wish the Griffins can cross over with the Simpsons for a television special or a centric episode perhaps.

I'm a big wrestling fan but it'll take ten years for me to write about my passion for sports entertainment since 2004. Now that you've read about boob tube's finest, the hate grenade is about to explode on the shows I cannot stand and refuse to watch. All of these things will be covered on the next edition of TCP!


Posted on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 12:37 AM.