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TCP #4: A favorite real-life fact
Some stunningly attractive people look good in person but terrible in photographs. Some others look average but transform unbelievably on-camera. The truth: being photogenic does not mean she's beautiful.

I am not photogenic. I will never put down my digicam until I snap a Facebook profile-worthy picture. I look confident when I look at the mirror every morning before going to school but it all halts down when I do a five-second pose for the benefit of flash photography. I look skinny in my real-life reflections but chunky in photos. The world is unfair because it's divided into two: picture perfect people and not-so-photogenic ones. If you were from Mars and you are to choose your perennial side, I bet you're going to choose the bright side. No one wants to look like garbage in her graduation picture, right?

Moving on, what I stated above is not a fallacy. It's true that there are girls who look great in their Facebook photos but look average in real-life.  I guess it's with the advantage of photo enhancement. In the age of Photoshop, we can flicker away an annoying pimple and remove the baby fat in our bikini-clad torsos. The "Photoshopped photos" trend is growing in large numbers especially on Facebook these days. I've seen a lot of users who look flawless in their profile pictures and photo albums. But when I see them in person, I'm like "Um, okay?". Trust me, not everything that you see on social networking websites is parallel to real-life. I know some girls who look terrible in pictures but gorgeous in person. A number of my online networking friends aren't that pretty or stunning off-cam. 

Lesson of the story: what you see is what you get is a myth. It's not always true.

***EDIT: Changed perennial's spelling. Screw you Google for making it correct when in reality it's not.


Posted on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 10:53 PM.