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Now it's nothing but my way
In the Facebook message Dad sent me last night, it's clear that he read my status message about not passing the UPCAT. When I didn't see my name on the online list, I didn't cry. Had I not passed DLSU-CET then that would be my definite reaction. I'm still waiting for both ACET and USTET results. I believe that God has a better plan for me. 

Lord, please let me pass the ACET for several reasons. Not because I want to be in the school of the most intelligent nor the richest. It is because I believe they offer the best education for my career in life. Everybody's saying I won't pass anything. Please don't listen to all the people who doubt my intelligence. I hope you'll unfold this in due time.

Intrams for the past two days were so tiring. As much as I don't know how to play patintero, my team managed to win two games. BTW, I'm eating chicken nuggets for dinner. Haha! =))

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Posted on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 6:53 PM.