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"You will not pass any college entrance exam because of your below average intelligence. No offense but the top schools are only accepting those people who are good with numbers." - a statement directed to me back last year

Those were the most offensive and pathetic words I've ever heard in relation to my college entrance exams. In the previous post, I uploaded a screenshot of my DLSU exam result. I even posted it on my Tumblr page and made a status about it on my Facebook. Surprisingly, I got a lot of likes from schoolmates. Whoever said the above statement should be embarrassed by now. I guess she was shocked to know her words were all the opposite. Let me tell you a little in-the-know: DLSU-CET was the hardest entrance exam ever and the English and Math parts were bloodier than the macabre movies I've watched in my lifetime. In light of this, I didn't expect to pass the exam. The day before the results came out, I saw the green card with the reference number in it. Unfortunately, the numbers were washed away by some form of liquid. It raged me a lot so I planned to make a phone call addressed to the College Admissions Office. The morning came around and I refreshed a gazillion times to be redirected to the .MyLaSalle University Portal. A search form came up and there came a link for forgotten reference numbers. It asked me to fill out my e-mail and when I checked my inbox, it was there. I typed in all of the necessary information.

Status: Accepted (1st Choice).

I screamed when I saw my result. I woke up my sleeping lola and told her about it. My tito suddenly woke up with my presence. Everything rolled around. So far (as I know), all seniors in STC who took up the DLSU-CET got accepted, a repeat of last year's (all 87  seniors passed). It was so shocking. Last night, I prayed hard to God; I tossed and turned in my bed the whole night. My mom told me God won't fail to please me. And in the midst of fear, I got a miracle.

Whoever told me I will not pass any university should be crying in shame by now.

Two weeks without Internet access deprived me of real-time updates from the blogosphere and my schoolmates. I wasn't able to access Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr all those times. I registered for a Tweetitow account only to turn out a failure. To add the mess, Globe's signal was poor. So during the times my parents called me up, there were screeches and interruptions in their voices. But through it all, one thing's for sure: the Christmas and New Year vacation at my grandparents' house in Cavite was the best I ever had in a long time.

In this photo (L-R): Reese, yours truly and Abby

I arrived in Cavite on December 19 at around 2 PM. At 4:30, I joined my cousins Abby and Reese and their parents in attending the luau-themed Christmas party at the Pacific Parkplace. There was the 5 PM mass before the party proper at around 6 PM. After a series of games, a buffet was in place and it was my favorite part. I filled my gurgling stomach with two pieces of Chickenjoy, lechon skin, palabok, rice and softdrinks. Talk about a humongous appetite, haha!

Abby with the lei made from papier mache

Thursday was free for all day. I went swimming with my cousins at the same place. It was freezing even if the sun was shining. But I enjoyed playing with the water somehow.

A snapshot of the Pacific Parkplace pool in color accent effect

Pacific Parkplace at sunset

On Christmas Eve, I went to the aguinaldo mass and had noche buena at my cousins' house nearby. There were lots of eating and talking. On Christmas Day, the whole family was complete. All of us family members spent the day at my grandparents' house. 

My belated Christmas greeting to all of you! \:D/

Fast forward to New Year. The whole family went to La Salette for a Saturday mass and some strolling. What's more without pictures? Warning: humorous photospam for a more revolutionized storytelling!:P

Finally, the last stop of my vacation was SM Mall of Asia. I felt like a kid again when I played with inflatables and burned calories by rocking Timezone. When we entered the Selecta Kid Universe, I dreamed of going to a time portal and return to my five-year old self. It was paradise: Barbies, Sanrio, Polly Pockets and fairytale castles.To cap off the day, I enjoyed a KFC feast with the help of a bucket meal and the super delicioso to the max Double Down. Now here's a series of photos that will show how delirious Reese, Abby and I were:


Definitely one for the record books. In those lost weeks, I was fiddling with my laptop and completing a story. 

2010 was a great year. There were so many blessings: I met the Sweet 6Teens / Lucky 9 kada, had the best retreat experience ever with my IV-3 lovey dovies, enjoyed my review classes at Gateway, took the Big 4 entrance exams, a position at the Theresian Magazine in my senior year and many more. I'd like to thank the Lord and all the people who made everything possible.

Just keep on cramming ideas down my throat.

When I came back from Cavite, I heard a new website making waves: I don't know if I should make one or not. Some anonymous user might bash me again. This decision is up to me.


Posted on Monday, January 3, 2011 at 6:35 PM.