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Boy you got my heartbeat running away
Today has been my usual Saturday over the summer - homewrecked and bored. Due to the seemingly infinite downpour of rain, I was stuck at home with the Internet, my phone and an endless litany of answers to the question "What's on your mind?". Classes were suspended so I didn't get to roam outside the house and see my blockmates. You see what I mean? Typhoons ruin great plans. On Thursday, the Thomasian Walk was cancelled but Ange, Gox and I made an effort to visit our HS classmates still. On Friday (yesterday), I was supposed to go to SMSL to meet my blockmates and do our INTSOCI project. Unfortunately, the onset of Falcon cancelled everything. In short, all of the things we were excited for were cancelled.

Despite Falcon's shot at the Philippines during the past three days, we had an adventure at UST's Thomasian "Walk". My class ended at around 11:10 and had lunch with some blockmates at cafeteria in the Razon Sports Center. After lunch, I headed to the library and stayed there for about two hours. At around 3PM, I went to South Gate to meet up with Ange and Gox followed a little while later. This was proceeded by a very irritating and turtle-slow LRT ride to Roosevelt and a carpool to UST. The three of us arrived at Espana at around 5PM followed with nonstop phone calls from our HS classmates who were sitting in Ice Monster for approximately three hours already. As we were approaching the parking area, Tin and Pads were already there waiting for us and me, Ange and Gox got out of the car in a heartbeat. Inside Ice Monster, we were greeted by more IV-3 people. Although we weren't complete again like what happened in the class lunch at Mang Inasal, it was great to relieve the HS memories.

All of our UST friends left at around 6:30 so it was just the Lasallians who remained on campus. The three of us headed back to Ice Monster from this unnamed restaurant in the second floor of one of UST's buildings. We shared this yummy bowl of vanilla ice cream w / Stickos and Hershey's kisses as toppings. Even before we finished our dessert, the crew informed us the store was closing so the three of us transferred to KFC for refuge (and didn't eat there LOL). For an hour, our parents called us every thirty minutes and we all talked about the randomness of life such as Mangafox, electives, Ange's two-week stay in Japan back in December, etc. We started playing with our cameras out of the stormy wonderland.
At around 8:30 PM, Ange's driver picked us up but there was one problem - the car was far from our reach and to get there we must cross the knee-high flood first. Well, there's a always a first time for everything right? To keep up with the Thomasian's urban legend of "dipping in the flood", the three of us took off our shoes and crossed the street in order to get into the car. Traffic was pretty crappy and everywhere we looked at the Espana streets, there was flood all over. People were waving at us and drivers were cursing at other drivers left and right.  At around 11PM, I was home and went to bed at around 1AM. Thank you Ange, Gox, Tin, Pads, Gela Bee, Auds, Chini, Mariae, Jane, Rein, Iya, Baggy and Aiza for being with me on a dreadful day with the Thomasian Walk cancelled and the flood adventures >:D< Also a special mention to my grade school friend Yna for being there with us despite not being with our HS class and to Kaka for remembering me despite looking unrecognizable to her until I said hello :)

The next day started with a blur. Our INTSOCI meeting at SMSL was cancelled so I was at home the whole day. From 7PM to 1AM, I waited for the suspension of classes while tweeting, Facebooking and tumbling my lopsided brain. Everyone was mentioning me in their tweets, friends are begging me to upload the photos from Thursday's UST visit and I was on FB for four hours because many of my close friends were online. At the stroke of midnight, it was announced on the DLSU website that classes were suspended. Phew! I did a little more surfing for an hour before heading to bed in the middle of the clashing of thunder and rain.

Looking back at what happened, I guess a typhoon may be not so bad anymore if your friends are there right on your side. Before I conclude this entry, I'd like to present to you a very amazing cover of "Super Bass" by the talented Karmin:

[Nicki Minaj / Karmin]


Posted on Saturday, June 25, 2011 at 10:16 PM.