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Last May 13-21, my uncle Dilts and I went to Singapore to visit my parents. In fact, the said trip was their graduation gift in my behalf. If not for my renewed passport's release on April 13, then my vacation would have been on the first week of the same month (April to be exact). But anyhow, my parents' promise to send me out of the country for nine days was fulfilled. 

The day of our departure coincided with Friday the 13th. Luckily for us, no jinx happened except that our flight was delayed for TWO HOURS. Our plane was supposed to leave at 9:10 but for some reasons we cannot fathom we left at 11 PM. It was no fun to be in the plane. The take-off gave me horrendous headaches. There was no TV and radio to entertain us. I fell asleep there but it was so uncomfortable because there were no pillows. At last, the plane arrived at Changi International Airport at around 2:30 AM. When we saw my parents, I gave them a big hug. We proceeded to Spize where we had a huge breakfast / midnight meal. I had yummy heaps of prata (pita bread with curry sauce) and seafood pasta.

At around noon of the same day, the four of us went to Vivo City. Since the only branch of Forever 21 in the Philippines was too far from my house, I begged my parents to let me enter the store as soon as I saw it in the flesh. When I got to see it at that mall, my eyes were sparkling like diamonds. And the store was really, really big.

On the same day, I bought two books for the first time since last year: Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood and the book sitting on the wishlist for the longest time, Perks of Being A Wallflower! I skimmed through the pages as soon as I got home. The next day, my mom and I went to Bugis, Kamasuntra and Marina Bay Sands. Technically, this was Road Trip Sunday. I bought a lot of outfits from Bugis for school and pleasure. Here are some of my outfits:

Before we went to Bugis, we had lunch at KFC. Unfortunately, the addictive gravy's taste we all love in the Philippines was not the same in SG. There was no rice, too. But I had Ultimate Filler Box - Zinger, hot and crispy chicken and mashed potato.

At Intercontinental (across Bugis), I had a cup of Oreo McFlurry. Huge and will leave you craving for more.
At night, we went to Lucky Plaza to meet a colleague / friend of mom's. At Makasuntra, I ate cereal shrimp and fried rice. After dinner, we took pictures at Marina Bay Sands.

Monday was alloted for Clarke Quay where I had ice cream sandwich (yum!). But in the afternoon, I got a haircut. Yes, I kept it as a secret from Facebook friends and Twitter followers until I returned to Manila.

Bye bye long hair...

Hello new hair! (Photo at Tiong Bahru Plaza)

Tuesday and Wednesday were the most memorable of all. On Tuesday, our family went to Sentosa Beach to relax sans the swimming in the not-so-clean water. Before we got home, we had a sneak peek of Universal Studios. 

 The merlion, Singapore's national symbol

Self-taken photo (hi dad!)

Dad's boyband-worthy shot

The family that plays together, stays together.

With Reese's Chocolate and Jelly Belly at Candylicious inside Universal Studios

Wednesday was Universal Studios Day! We had so much fun at Shrek in 4D (favorite part of the expedition), Madagascar's Boat Ride, The Mummy Returns Jeep Ride (boring) and a special presentation of Steven Spielberg's movie magic with kick-arse effects and all. The food at Goldilocks (not the cake franchise) was delicious. 

 At Audrey Hepburn's star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

 Landscape of Far Far Away 

Inside the Shrek in 4D

The ticket to Universal Studios

With Woody Woodpecker

Like father, like daughter

With a Marilyn Monroe look-alike

Thursday was dinner at Swensen's in Suntec. No photos, though :( On Friday, we watched Priest at Tiong Bahru Plaza. It's not really my type of movie but there was lots of suspense in the storyline. Saturday was, sadly, my Tito Dilts and I's last day in SG. The morning and afternoon was spent in Orchard and Plaza Singapura. We had dinner at Tiong Bahru Plaza for one last time. On the night before my flight, I ditched sleeping in favor of watching Hey Arnold! online. I missed the football head. <3

Fast forward to Sunday morning. At 3 AM, the four of us were at Changi and the gates opened at around 4 AM. The last moments in Singapore with my parents were captured to last a lifetime.

(Photo taken at Orchard)

It took me about a week before I blogged about this because I was so tired from all the walks and tremendous experiences. I'm glad my parents are already planning for my next trip to be held on the holidays. I am blessed to have them in my life; I cannot imagine what my life would have been if they were not my parents. The vacation brought our family together again after all those years. I really hope I'll get to live with them permanently after my college graduation.

So there, the perfect way to conclude Summer 2011. And hats off to an awesome start of freshman year in college! :)

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