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Rest Day Doesn't Mean I Ain't Gonna Blog.
Tumblr's down the whole day today and it sucks. I spent my time browsing upgrades for my Windows XP desktop, checking out people on Facebook and updating my life in 140 characters via Tweetdeck. So how was my retreat, anyway? I enjoyed it so much. My classmates are the freakin' best. Last year I slept in my dorm room feeling lonely. But last weekend, I slept at around 2:30 AM already because I was chatting with my classmates.

I hate the new Facebook profile. Can you imagine seeing someone's relationship status right in your very own eyes? Yikes. Now how can you see the photos of someone you've been "following" if you're gonna see all those juicy details about him / her?

Gonna post more sweet stories next time when I'm free. If last year my retreat entry was entitled "One Less Lonely Girl", this year's not gonna be about loneliness. It's gonna be about how I spend one of the best days of 2010 with the class who cared so much about me.

*Let's say hello to my new section Tidbits which features short summaries of my not-so-mediocre life :)


Posted on Monday, December 6, 2010 at 8:55 PM.