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I didn't feel the fairytale feeling
A few things why I changed the blog name to The Candydoll Files:

  1. Candydoll Domination seems inappropriate for this online journal
  2. The Candydoll Files documents my life, not how I dominate the world.
Last week has been very wonderful. Last Saturday I was at Elai's to spend a weekend with her family and to attend her little brother's first birthday in Max's Quezon Avenue. It has been a long time since I visited her because we were both busy with our schoolworks. I really enjoyed the party because there was a lot of food, photo op and childhood nostalgia. Back at home, we talked a lot of random things and she gave me a lot of friendly advice. I'm so blessed to have a friend like her who's sensible and cares so much. During the party, we played around her dad's ala-SLR Canon Powershot camera. We felt like professional photographers.

The KASAMAHAN session held on November 4 was one for the record books. Number one, it's the first time since February when the whole batch gathered together for the day. Number two, it turned out to be The Candice Leocadio Show. No, I'm not talking of my own TV program. Thanks to KASAMAHAN, I have morphed into a celebrity almost overnight. It all started on the day before the said session. Several classmates messaged me if they could grab some of my Facebook photos. I agreed since they'll do it for educational purposes. Approximately fifteen hours later, I was on the giant screen of the historical HS Covered Court and in the eyes of 293 (minus myself) Theresian seniors and 10+ teachers. I was covering my face with a hanky the whole time while everyone was staring and laughing at me. Now I guess that when I leave STC, everyone will recognize me as "the girl who threw rice in a video featuring her vain photos". 

It turned out later on that Sir Zaraspe (my Economics teacher) is partially responsible for The Candice Leocadio Show.  During our forum with a farmer in the IMC, he approached me and gave me a CD. I gave him a questioning look and asked, "Sir, ano po ito?" Sir Zaraspe replied, "This is your CD!" What the heck. I guess I'll watch this video when I turn 25. Thank Sir ZOMG for that.

My computer underwent a reformat last night and now I'm in a whole new PC environment. Now I have to carry the burden of converting 500+ songs from YouTube to the comfort of my own home. To sum it all up, I have to re-download 50+ fonts, Plants vs. Zombies, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Photoscape and all of my Tumblr photos. 

This is my FML story.

[Katy Perry]


Posted on Sunday, November 14, 2010 at 9:14 PM.