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The Dark Wood of Error
Dante Aligheri's Inferno is definitely the most bizarre book I've ever read. It's not a children's book. You have to read a canto (chapter) about ten times to get the picture. But you know what I like about Dante? He's very witty with the way he writes. No one came up with a masterpiece like that before he did. A lot of people said he's a better writer than Shakespeare. Too bad he's underrated.

I'm spending the last 27 minutes of Thursday blogging this simple entry. I'll be out from the cyberworld up until Saturday afternoon because I'll be going somewhere. KASAMAHAN today was a clear picture to me that I want PALIHAN back. It was great to see the whole batch together again. Now I'm looking forward for November 17 when all of us will be trying our hands in farming. Hello, mud puddles and striking sunlight.
Posted on Thursday, November 4, 2010 at 11:36 PM.