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The big screens, the plastic-made dreams
October 23 was the final Family Day of my life as a Theresian. It turned out to be the most memorable day I ever had for this kind of event. Aside from considering this as my last performance in our annual dance production, it was the first time I didn't go straight home after the dance. In fact, I spent the whole afternoon with  the Lucky 9. It was a great day. My money headed to Foodtown - Chicken McDo, penne pasta, Milo and lemonade. What could I decribe about this? Oh wow, yummy! Along with my friends, we strolled around the HS Department and had a lengthy chit-chat at the Prep area. I went home at around 6 PM with a smile glued on my face.

The next day was my DLSU-CET. A lot of people who took the test ahead of me commented that it was a combination of UPCAT/ACET/USTET and the most difficult exam they've ever taken. When I woke up that Sunday morning, a feeling of excitement and nervousness rose upon me. I felt excited because I'll be entering the plush environment of De La Salle University. However, I was nervous because I didn't want to experience mental block while taking the test. After four grueling hours, I survived the exam. Boy, it was more difficult than UPCAT but tolerable. Some of the Trigonometry items weren't taught in class yet (sine pi, etc.).  But at least I got to answer a lot of the items that appeared in the exam. 

Sembreak was boring because I did nothing but surf the Internet, download and watch movies. For this week alone, I downloaded The Little Rascals, Jeux d'Enfants, My Girl, The Chipmunk Adventure and Gross Anatomy. Just a little fact: I haven't watched The Chipmunk Adventure and Gross Anatomy since I was five years old. Simply put, I last saw these fantastic movies thirteen years ago. Thanks to BitTorrent and The Pirate Bay, I was able to watch these films again. Now I feel like it's 1999 all over. 

  • Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You're a scum between my toes. Love, Alfalfa. 
  • If you were my kids, I'd punish you! If we were YOUR kids, we'd punish ourselves!
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Posted on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 11:52 AM.