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i've moved to tumblr and you can visit me there if you still want a piece of me.
Happy First Birthday, Tumblr!
Once upon a time, I was @lilmissdramaaa and I only had 100 followers. This screenshot was captured on January of this year. Back then, I was a neophyte to this microblogging website named Tumblr. Back then, Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot were my only Internet hangouts. But how did my life in the like-and-reblog universe began? It's traced back to October 28, 2009, the day my Tumblelog with seven URL changes was born.

Several Theresians already owned an account when I first started. Before the fateful October day, I created a Tumblr five times then deleted my blog after five dashing minutes. In the beginning, I thought Tumblr isn't very easy to use and it's just a competitor to blogging platforms LiveJournal and Xanga. After several times, I struck gold when I named my blog as @candicecandice. Well, duh. It's my Tumblr, I'm Candice and I own it. Now I'm David Karp. What was the next step? I followed my schoolmates and reblogged their most recent posts. I checked out Teentalk's Tumblr thread and followed them. It was the onset of the infamous Tumblarity when I made an account. I was stuck with zilch. I clicked the link. After a week of Tumblring, I was shocked to see that I only had two followers. What did I do? I keep on following and reblogging. So the flock of followers came along.

It was on Tumblr I discovered Rage Guy, Forever Alone, Okay Guy and all the fantastic indie bands. I shared my layout-tweaking skills there. I earned more friends and gained the interest of people who like the same things as mine. I learned the decorum of blogging. I gained and lost followers. I got reblogged and posted original things with notes as a bonus. I encountered several issues such as the much-hated "Tumblr Famous" label (of course there's none). I found out what it's like to have anons on Tumblr Ask and they leave you all these messages of insecurity and envy.

At first, I was envious of the Tumblr users who have 1000 followers. A year later, 1200+ people have my posts on their dashboards. The secret? Follow interesting blogs, post great stuff, be friendly, share your talents.

Happy birthday to my Tumblelog. You're thebest. Thanks for all of the entertainment! >:D<


Posted on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 7:39 PM.