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The summer nights are here
I owe you more than three entries, yes? Because it's term break and I'm in my bed doing nothing. Tomorrow's the end of August, and I think it has been an incredible month for me. First term's over, and it's sad not to be with my blockmates for almost two weeks due to the break. When I checked out my site counter yesterday while installing a spanking new layout, I was surprised to know that more than 200 people viewed my site in two weeks of my inactivity here. To all of you, thank you for your continous support of The Candydoll Files! >:D<

In bulleted but detailed form, let me share to you what happened during the past two weeks:

August 4 - For our FILKOMU finals, our block was tasked to present a lecture forum on a chosen topic via draw lot for each group. Eventually, our group picked me to be the guest speaker on Philippine Mythology. On that day, I was trembling with nervousness because it was the first time to conduct a forum in front of an audience. Nevertheless, I set aside all fears, geared up my confidence to the maximum level, and discussed everything related to Philippine Mythology. Despite the tricky questions handed out by my professor, I got an 88 for being the speaker. As a reward for being the speaker of one of the groups, I was handed a box of six delicious brownies from Brownies Unlimited! Our next class was ENGLCOM, but our teacher wasn't there for the nth time. So my blockmates' solution to kill the time: have a snack at Animo Food Haus before brownie hunting at Kenny Rogers!

August 6 - The PE department held a dance party as a culminating activity of all FWDANCE classes for the first term. Three hours before the event, my blockmates and I had lunch at the AFH then headed to The Coffee Bean to chill. At the dance party itself, LR23 A (my PE and ENGLCOM section) danced to boogie with another class from ISJ. The fee we paid for the culminating activity was all worth it because 1) the food was yummy (baked potatoes, fish fillet, penne pasta), 2) there was a milkshake bar (chocolate!), and 3) the mocktails were perfect. For the first time that night, I had a glass of Shirley Temple; it was flourished to perfection. When all of the classes have performed their respective dances, everyone headed off to the dancefloor and rocked the night away. Simultaneously, the FWDANCE Dance Party was a repeat of last March's Seniors' Night.

August 7 - As an incentive for our FILKOMU class, our block watched Neo Nocturne's mini-concert Koro Kanta Kultura at the Philamlife Theater. During the show, I was really enthalled with the world-class choir's compelling voices and the way they presented Philippine music in retrospective. Plus, my friends and I got to sit at the very front so we got to see them up close. The very next day, it was free cut in FILKOMU because of the concert, so I went to school at around 9 AM for ENGLCOM and FWDANCE.

August 8 - One year since I took the UPCAT! Moving on, I spent a really fun lunch period at Yellow Cab with Jeline and Vyanx. The three of us got full on chicken alfredo, potato wedges, and pistachio ice cream while at the same time I ate my take-out lunch of chicken steak and BBQ burger :P Also on that day, we had our last FWDANCE meeting where we had a physical fitness test involving push-ups, curl-ups, stretching, and three laps of jogging around the seventh floor of the E. Razon Sports Center. It was so exhausting and painful I dreaded an abdominal cramp for four days. After class, I got ourselves each a cone of ice cream. To cap off the day, I took the LRT ride home with Ange!

August 11 - Bonding with blockmates during our ENGLCOM final project shoot at the University Belt, Recto, and Legarda!

August 12 - After a really stressful KASPIL class, I had lunch with friends at Orange and Spices. From there, I had a really yummy meal of chicken lollipop - and all the while the four of us talked about everything under the sun.

August 13 - It was an achievement for me to be one of the three people who got a perfect score in our CRITHIN quiz! On SCIENVB free cut, my blockmates and I went to the sixth floor canteen to have a snack. While we were there, I had a chat with Sammie on FB :) About forty-five minutes later, we went to Pasta Plate.

August 19 - Sherwood Place + webcam madness!

August 20 - The highlight of the month: Monz and Kev's double birthday celebration at Robinsons Galleria! We played bowling, had pepperoni pizza from Magoo's for dinner, watched Cowboys vs. Aliens, and played at Tom's World! Honestly, I think all of us regretted watching Cowboys instead of The Smurfs or Rise of Planet of the Apes because the movie was really disappointing. Not exactly Gigli-bad, it's just that it didn't live up to our expectations. Before the double birthday blowout, we presented our final projects in CRITHIN and ENGLCOM.

August 23 -Pasta Plate once again with blockmates!

August 24 - Rollercoaster at the last day of first term! Along with my friends, we went to The Coffee Bean, library, Zentea, AFH, and the 14th floor to pass our ENGLCOM e-portfolios :)

August 25 - Tish, Kev, Monz and I went to Sofia's condo in Bali Oasis, Santolan. Jeline was supposed to come with us but she got a fever the night before :( In spite of this, we still had fun. We ate two boxes of Pizza Hut and little turons for lunch, and headed over to Zentea in Taft for chocotea!

Coming this week: On Friday, I will return to STC for the first time ever since April to get our batch annual. I cannot wait to see my friends and batchmates again!!!

One thing I learned this term break despite the boredom and apathy: color images using Photoshop. Thank God there's paint bucket to make my life as a "semi-artist" easier! I will present to you two of my masterpieces. Forgive me if it's not my best; I guess I have a lot to improve yet.

"Time To Pretend" (inspired from MGMT's song)

"Futuristic Self-Portrait"

***I'm currently listening to RHCP's Dani California on YouTube, and I just freakin' love the chorus part.

[Gold Motel]


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Two Weeks.
I haven't shared a lot about my college life recently, perhaps? I've been busy with my academics and blockmates. In fact, I was supposed to be on term break already starting today; but because of the ENGLCOM e-portfolio we all have to submit, I'm in school right now. Last night, I spent four hours on that final output where I scanned my first and second drafts of the extensive definition essay and that of the argumentative essay. Several weeks ago before our original ENGLCOM professor got hospitalized, she said to our block that we should make our e-portfolio presentable as well as creative by adding movie clips, music, the like. 

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my BDJ planner right now since I use it for my daily offline ramblings; and I use it to remember all of the best and worst things that happened during the day. I'll make it up to you next post :0
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The Art of Apathy

The first one (above) is from Panic at the Disco!'s song Lying is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have. Meanwhile, below the first is my very own Daria wallpaper I made three nights ago after all the homework shizz. 


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The Princess Diaries
Because I'm Tumblring right now, I'm bored to infinity, and I haven't updated my blog for two weeks because of school, I'm sharing this beautiful quotation to all of you.


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