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Last May 13-21, my uncle Dilts and I went to Singapore to visit my parents. In fact, the said trip was their graduation gift in my behalf. If not for my renewed passport's release on April 13, then my vacation would have been on the first week of the same month (April to be exact). But anyhow, my parents' promise to send me out of the country for nine days was fulfilled. 

The day of our departure coincided with Friday the 13th. Luckily for us, no jinx happened except that our flight was delayed for TWO HOURS. Our plane was supposed to leave at 9:10 but for some reasons we cannot fathom we left at 11 PM. It was no fun to be in the plane. The take-off gave me horrendous headaches. There was no TV and radio to entertain us. I fell asleep there but it was so uncomfortable because there were no pillows. At last, the plane arrived at Changi International Airport at around 2:30 AM. When we saw my parents, I gave them a big hug. We proceeded to Spize where we had a huge breakfast / midnight meal. I had yummy heaps of prata (pita bread with curry sauce) and seafood pasta.

At around noon of the same day, the four of us went to Vivo City. Since the only branch of Forever 21 in the Philippines was too far from my house, I begged my parents to let me enter the store as soon as I saw it in the flesh. When I got to see it at that mall, my eyes were sparkling like diamonds. And the store was really, really big.

On the same day, I bought two books for the first time since last year: Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood and the book sitting on the wishlist for the longest time, Perks of Being A Wallflower! I skimmed through the pages as soon as I got home. The next day, my mom and I went to Bugis, Kamasuntra and Marina Bay Sands. Technically, this was Road Trip Sunday. I bought a lot of outfits from Bugis for school and pleasure. Here are some of my outfits:

Before we went to Bugis, we had lunch at KFC. Unfortunately, the addictive gravy's taste we all love in the Philippines was not the same in SG. There was no rice, too. But I had Ultimate Filler Box - Zinger, hot and crispy chicken and mashed potato.

At Intercontinental (across Bugis), I had a cup of Oreo McFlurry. Huge and will leave you craving for more.
At night, we went to Lucky Plaza to meet a colleague / friend of mom's. At Makasuntra, I ate cereal shrimp and fried rice. After dinner, we took pictures at Marina Bay Sands.

Monday was alloted for Clarke Quay where I had ice cream sandwich (yum!). But in the afternoon, I got a haircut. Yes, I kept it as a secret from Facebook friends and Twitter followers until I returned to Manila.

Bye bye long hair...

Hello new hair! (Photo at Tiong Bahru Plaza)

Tuesday and Wednesday were the most memorable of all. On Tuesday, our family went to Sentosa Beach to relax sans the swimming in the not-so-clean water. Before we got home, we had a sneak peek of Universal Studios. 

 The merlion, Singapore's national symbol

Self-taken photo (hi dad!)

Dad's boyband-worthy shot

The family that plays together, stays together.

With Reese's Chocolate and Jelly Belly at Candylicious inside Universal Studios

Wednesday was Universal Studios Day! We had so much fun at Shrek in 4D (favorite part of the expedition), Madagascar's Boat Ride, The Mummy Returns Jeep Ride (boring) and a special presentation of Steven Spielberg's movie magic with kick-arse effects and all. The food at Goldilocks (not the cake franchise) was delicious. 

 At Audrey Hepburn's star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

 Landscape of Far Far Away 

Inside the Shrek in 4D

The ticket to Universal Studios

With Woody Woodpecker

Like father, like daughter

With a Marilyn Monroe look-alike

Thursday was dinner at Swensen's in Suntec. No photos, though :( On Friday, we watched Priest at Tiong Bahru Plaza. It's not really my type of movie but there was lots of suspense in the storyline. Saturday was, sadly, my Tito Dilts and I's last day in SG. The morning and afternoon was spent in Orchard and Plaza Singapura. We had dinner at Tiong Bahru Plaza for one last time. On the night before my flight, I ditched sleeping in favor of watching Hey Arnold! online. I missed the football head. <3

Fast forward to Sunday morning. At 3 AM, the four of us were at Changi and the gates opened at around 4 AM. The last moments in Singapore with my parents were captured to last a lifetime.

(Photo taken at Orchard)

It took me about a week before I blogged about this because I was so tired from all the walks and tremendous experiences. I'm glad my parents are already planning for my next trip to be held on the holidays. I am blessed to have them in my life; I cannot imagine what my life would have been if they were not my parents. The vacation brought our family together again after all those years. I really hope I'll get to live with them permanently after my college graduation.

So there, the perfect way to conclude Summer 2011. And hats off to an awesome start of freshman year in college! :)

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Cleverbot vs. Katy Perry

As seen in the image above, Cleverbot does not like Zooey Deschanel's carbon copy at all.


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The beating of a million drums
It's always an amazing feeling when your friends, the ones you haven't seen since the end of the school year, send you a text message or write on your wall asking how you've been doing. My friends in STC are the best. Even over the summer, they wanted to know what I'm up to lately. Most especially when your first day of college is tomorrow. :)

Tuesday was Homebound Day but it turned out to be Virtual Friendship Day. Less than expected, my cellphone started beeping with text messages from friends I failed to text the whole summer. Other than that, I posted on a bunch of people's Facebook walls to say hello. I'd like to conclude that today may have been the day when I got stuck at home unlike last week's Singapore escapade (more details on my next post) but it was worth it. I got to pump up my social life once and for all, even in the futuristic way.

It all started with Moe's and Kharisse's text messages. I texted them back and forth. Then on FB, I posted a status about my anticipation for college life. Out of the ordinary, I got more than 10 likes on my status. I was like, "Oh my, it was just a status!" But to those people, I'd like to say thank you :) Then there came the wall-to-wall posts and comments.

I guess that's what friends are for. Speaking of friends, I met new ones during the LPEP Freshman Orientation last May 11-12! I'll keep this short but here's what happened in bulleted form:

  • I'm in block LR23
  • On the first day, we had a lot of discussions from several student organizations
  • We played rounds of "Bahay, Baboy, Bagyo"
  • We learned the La Sallian prayers and school hymn
  • Got to ride home with a new friend :)
  • The Culture Arts Group was soooooo amazing (second day)!
  • Food was disappointing
  • "Be active, active, active, active!" LOL at the safety guidelines video =))
  • DLSU Centennial Dance - EPIC WIN (especially during the chorus) 
  • Pep squad - worth the watch!
Have you seen the newest all-star Adidas commercial? If not, you should check this out. Justice's newest single in four years is my current LSS for its catchy beats and dynamic ambience. Be sure to download the song on your iPods if you have the chance.



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It feels great to return to the place where you come from after a vacation you'll never forget. It is overwhelming to see the smiling faces of your mother, father, brother, sister and your dog upon seeing your shadow right in their very eyes. You come across the actions of affection from those people: hugs, kisses, pecks and the strokes on the hair. Your eyes gleam with happiness as you get the picture of what a warm welcome is like. As expected, they will ask you to tell stories about your sweet escapade in the place you considered as home for several days, weeks or even months. The long line of adventures come in order: your first visit to the breathtaking beach, the bottle of pure sand you collected as a souvenir of your real-life wonderland and for a little touch a receipt from this native restaurant you've fallen in love with. What's with a memorable vacation without pictures? A picture speaks a thousand words. It describes your experience of how is it like to explore the places a lot of people fantasize about. Additionally, this is a keepsake to last for a lifetime. When you speak of the word "lifetime", it is synonymous to ethereal, long-lasting and for colloquial sake, forever. 

Once you're back at home, you try to kick off the homesick feeling you developed on the onset of your vacation. However, you miss the place you just left several hours ago. You miss the picture perfect ambience. Your tummy grumbles, sending you a message to feed it with a dish that is not available in your homeland. Get the picture? At the moment you arrive back at the country you've loved from the day you were born, you imagine time sped back to the first time you laid your eyes on the landscape you've been dreaming to visit since your geography teacher taught you about it back when you were ten years old. 

As the old folks quote, home is where the heart is. Looking back, you want to keep calm and never let go of your evasive tendencies towards your home being the globetrotting person you are. But no matter where you are, nothing compares to the value of being at a place smothered in love, warmth and unity. 


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Save The Best For Last
The last leg of my summer vacation is at Singapore - the place where I'm in at right now. I won't be blogging for about a week because I'll be out almost everyday for nine days (up to May 22). In case you're wondering what happened as soon as I arrived here, I'll give you the tell-all before I forget everything.

My uncle and I arrived at the NAIA at around 3 pm. Because our expected check-in time is at 6 pm, we headed over to Jollibee to buy lots of food to eat before we board the airplane. Imagine the big feast we had: Chickenjoy, fries, large Coke, iced mocha java, palabok and regular Yum. Our boarding pass was released at 7 pm then we went straight to Gate 14 to wait for the boarding announcement. According to the itinerary of our flight, our departure time was at 9:10 PM. Due to circumstances we cannot fathom, our flight was delayed up to 2 hours. Imagine our expression when the usherettes asked us to sit down, keep calm and wait for our take-off. Yes, we were pissed and we wanted to cancel our flight much to the pilot's surprise. And for what it seemed like an eternity, the plane took off at 11 pm. Consequently, the plane ride made me sick from the beginning up to the end. It gave me massive headaches and explosive eardrums. There was no form of audio-visual equipment in the airplane so it was a date between my PSP and I. Rainbow barfs and worst case scenarios of migraines later, we arrived at last in Singapore at 2 o'clock in the morning. Trust me, the airport there is sooo cool you'd like to stay there forever. As soon as my uncle and I arrived at the arrival hall, we saw my parents waving at us. Before we headed home, we had a spectacular meal at Spize Resturant. Finally, we got home at 5 AM to sleep.

My first-ever vacation out of the country is turning out very good. In fact, we just got home from Vivo City an hour ago.


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Will Bieber Come Back To Manila?

All Filipino fans got their wish of seeing Justin Bieber live last Tuesday. But due to his sickness, he was able to perform for only one hour. For some of those who acquired VIP tickets, it was a waste of P10,000. It seems like a lot of people were disappointed even though they were glad to see their idol live.

But with this airport incident, I don't know what to think of him now. There are a number of fans who turned their backs on him only because of this video. Not to judge him harshly, but I don't think being sick is a valid reason to avoid the man who wanted his autograph.


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All the hype will die down soon, it won't last forever.


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You had me completely interwined
This is a sort-of I-am-desperate-to-write-this entry. Forgive me for my screwed-up online temper :)
Lately, I've been bombarded with old thoughts that came into my mind all of a sudden. To tell you the truth, not a lot of people who know me personally are aware that I own a site here on Blogspot because the only blog they know I own is on Tumblr. But in this very site you're browsing right now, this is the site where I tell anything I cannot post as a status on Facebook. I write something about my life on Tumblr but not as much as TCF because it's mainly comprised of reblogs of things that interest me. I attempted to make another Tumblr for my personal entries but I simply don't want to abandon TCF especially it's been on the WWW for three years with over 300 entries and a morph from gibberish to something with sense. The only disadvantage of making a personal Tumblr, however, is the likes competition I myself cannot stand. A user on Tumbleland believes that she blogs to express and not to impress. But with all those people begging them to follow back and to like their post, the idea is turning into a piece of crumpled paper. If you're going to own a blog only to be an Internet phenomenon, then you're not getting the point. Plus, there is a great possibility I'll bombard it with reblogs. So I'll stick to BS instead. In case you stumble upon my good ol' Tumblr, make sure you'll click the Blogspot link with caution. Who knows, you might be shocked with what I'm writing as of this moment :))

"You don't have friends because you don't go out for a gimmick on Saturday nights, and you've never been to an open party at least once in your life. And I bet you don't get likes and comments on your FB because you're a nobody in school." - Grey Man (some anon)

I was completely shattered with what the anon said. And you know what? Everything she / he said is false. Whoever said this is so judgmental. So what if I've never been to an open party with all the drinking and gyrating with all the hunks there? Would it make you any cooler than any other high school / college student out there? I've heard a lot of schoolmates telling stories about the fights and photo scandals surrounding an open party. And when they see that girl who got involved in a risque photo taken from that event, they roll their eyes on her because she built herself a bad reputation. To Grey Man, do you want me to regret this when I grow up?

If you think I'm a nobody because my name was never mentioned in the infamous fan pages back in HS (Beautiful Girls and the school gossip, anyone?) and I'm friendless, then think again. Number one, I don't care if my friends are not part of the popular crowd as long as they have the values I want in a friend. Number two, I've been going out with my friends and classmates since sophomore year. Yes, count the birthday parties, mall trips and chillin' in the house days. And number three, I get comments and likes on my FB posts from schoolmates and not just family members. In fact, I'll accept your friend request if you came from my school and you have more than 15 mutual friends (all of them should be schoolmates too). In relation to what you said, I would have deleted my account if no one posted a birthday greeting on my wall or I didn't receive a single like on my statuses. Furthermore, I'm not lethargic and idiotic to PM all of my friends asking them to like my photo. THE NUMBER OF LIKES IN YOUR PROFILE PICTURE WON'T MAKE YOU MORE OR LESS BEAUTIFUL. There are some people who got 100 likes even though they look, bleh.  To keep it going, it's better to have one friend who's loyal to you than a group of false friends. I'm really blessed to have the S6T, friends and classmates (II-2 and IV-3) who lit up my HS life especially senior year. Let's keep this simple: I HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE THE WORLD WIDE WEB. I have family, friends, school and recreation. Take that, Grey Man! >:)

P.S. I don't like my own posts. That is definitely the stupidest thing a Facebook user could do. TROLOLOLOL!
P.S. 2. I rarely rant like this especially this blog can be viewed by the public. It's been in my to-do list for a long time yet I failed to write one.
P.S. 3. I write a lot like this on my planner :)


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To The Most Amazing Mom In The World
I can't wait to see you this Friday! Love you very much :*


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One Way To Kick Off Freshman Week
Hello, new layout!

**Will answer tags after my enrollment :)


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