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Posted on Sunday, December 19, 2010 at 10:34 AM.
So let's just keep on dancing
As I previously blogged in my last entry, I had a blast at Aly's Christmas / birthday party last Friday. FYI, her actual birthday is today. Before I blogged here, I posted on her wall a birthday message. Now what will you read below is the last Christmas in STC that I will never forget.

I didn't really enjoy last year's Christmas celebration because I headed straight home after school while everyone went out. But this year was different. The whole faculty shocked us with their dance moves to the tunes of the 60's to the 90's while all of us students were screaming our lungs out. However, the food was still the same: Shakey's. Last year, I chose chicken and mojos but was very disappointed with the outcome because I got a miniature leg. This year, I was more satisfied because it was a chicken wing and rice with a softdrink in hand. Speaking of the program in our classroom, it was hilarious and memorable especially Angelica came back from her two-week student exchange program in Japan. We played turn-around games, Bring Me (I was the target of the game in the end) and camwhored with Cheska's SLR. At exactly 11:40, my gang met up at Gate 1 and got picked up by Kath and Kharisse's relative to drop us off at Aly's house.

When we arrived at her house, we were welcomed by Aly's mom who was dressing up for her Christmas party. We then had lunch but I wasn't able to eat much because my teeth hurt. After that, we watched Coming Soon while we shared a bowl of buko salad. The movie was scary but a little over the top due to its gory scenes. We switched the DVD to Dear John when the movie ended but we didn't get to finish it mainly of the reason we were bored and all of us were taking turns in opening our Facebook accounts. After a month or so so, I accepted all of my friend requests except from a stranger. While I was on the comp, my friends were playing Cranium and tuning up the videoke. What's a day without taking pictures? For around 30 minutes we whacked Aly's camera until the battery drained. When everything was settled, we made plans for next year. I got home at around 7:30, tired but happy.

(Credits to Aly for the pic)

Thank you Aly (the birthday girl today!), Gelz, Bevz, Kath and Kharisse for rocking my Friday:)

Here's my note for you when you check you e-mail: view the Spam folder and you might see a message from your school magazine editor.

This morning, I was shocked to see Danielle's e-mail in the Spam folder. I read it and it was all about our graduation annual. Beforehand, I was used to deleting messages from the Spam folder without checking the content first. But that thought didn't come around my brain that moment. I viewed the link, messaged our class president via Facebook about it and saved my own copy of the questionaire. Now I'm feeling the perks of being a Theresian Magazine staffer in my senior year.

BTW, my news story "Celebrating The Good Times" made the cover page. Gimme a hell yeah! \m/ What a small but rewarding achievement for me.

In less than four hours, I will be off to Cavite to spend Christmas and New Year with my grandparents and cousins. I am so excited. I just hope there'll be Internet access in there so I could update all of you. Oh, and have I mentioned that the DLSU results will be released on the stroke of midnight of New Year 2011? Let's hope I'll celebrate when the clock strikes 12.

My story blog is under construction, so stay tuned!

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Posted on at 10:31 AM.
December 17, 2010 ♥
Today turned out to be one of the best days of my life. After our annual Christmas party in school, I and my friends headed to Aly's house for her advanced birthday celebration / bonding. It was a rockin' afternoon. We watched this macabre horror movie entitled Coming Soon; we didn't get to finish Dear John because we were bored. And throughout the whole day, we took turns in opening our Facebook accounts. Teehee. After a day of yummy food and camwhoring, I got home tired but happy.

Super great day. Plus, a lot of amazing things happened. More details in my next entry. :)


Posted on Friday, December 17, 2010 at 9:50 PM.
I hate that mistletoe
I am loving every chapter of Dante Aligheri's classic Inferno. These past few days were heaven in English class because we discussed all the sinners and their respective punishments. Imagine walking backwards and your head is tilted to the back or wearing lead robes. Want more sleazy scenarios? You're in a pool of excrement (major grossness) and you're being chased and coiled by the serpents. Now that is hell. It's not just the hell we all imagined where the sinners burn in engulfing flames. In fact, Dante made it more resplendent: the details aren't vague and for everyone to imagine.

In January of the current year, I made my birthday wishlist. Now this time, I'll be posting my magnificent "in your dreams" Christmas wishlist. Click on the photo for a high-resolution version. 

This year, I want a lovely Jansport backpack, a tres chic Juicy Couture bag, a copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower (I've heard it's a good read) and a Nokia C3 Touch and Type.
My wishlist is very impeccable but it's a long term process of getting all. I would have to wait for graduation and my 17th birthday this January to get (hopefully) some of these. I almost forgot to mention that it took an hour for me to come up with the Polaroid-styled Christmas wishlist? Thank you, Adobe Photoshop CS4 Portable. Using this version isn't a pain in the fanny after all because it takes up less than a gigabyte.

Right now, what are you feeling? Check this out from my Tumblr page:
I'll answer "like a plastic bag" because I don't fly like a G6 nor wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy. Hihi :)) Moving on, I'm excited for the last week of 2010. On Friday, my kada will be going to Aly's house for her Christmas party. And on Saturday, along with Tito Dilts we'll be heading to Cavite where my dad's parents and sister's family live. I'm eager to see my cousins and grandparents again. It feels so great to spend Christmas with all of them. I really wish my dad and mom can spend the holiday with us.

All Time Low, you made my ears tillitate with your Christmas song. The only thing I didn't like about it is the swear words. You really made my day yesterday when I heard your song because it's amazing and funny at the same time. Now so much for holiday cheating!
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Posted on Sunday, December 12, 2010 at 7:36 AM.
Rest Day Doesn't Mean I Ain't Gonna Blog.
Tumblr's down the whole day today and it sucks. I spent my time browsing upgrades for my Windows XP desktop, checking out people on Facebook and updating my life in 140 characters via Tweetdeck. So how was my retreat, anyway? I enjoyed it so much. My classmates are the freakin' best. Last year I slept in my dorm room feeling lonely. But last weekend, I slept at around 2:30 AM already because I was chatting with my classmates.

I hate the new Facebook profile. Can you imagine seeing someone's relationship status right in your very own eyes? Yikes. Now how can you see the photos of someone you've been "following" if you're gonna see all those juicy details about him / her?

Gonna post more sweet stories next time when I'm free. If last year my retreat entry was entitled "One Less Lonely Girl", this year's not gonna be about loneliness. It's gonna be about how I spend one of the best days of 2010 with the class who cared so much about me.

*Let's say hello to my new section Tidbits which features short summaries of my not-so-mediocre life :)


Posted on Monday, December 6, 2010 at 8:55 PM.
Today is our retreat, the last ever as a Theresian. A year ago, I chronicled here the story of how it turned out to be a disaster because I felt uncomfortable for there were enemies and plastics in sight. Instead of relaxation, I felt restlessness evident from not showing teeny-weeny shades of happiness and calmness the whole Friday and Saturday. I remember heading straight to Robinsons Pioneer with my mom as soon as I arrived in school and in the taxi I blurted out every horrible detail of the activity. When we finally arrived home some two to three hours later, I lied on the sofa and wrecked my mind with all the shenanigans I didn't expect to happen. Imagine that, you go to school excited for your retreat only to return home with emotions of regret and dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, I say to myself that this year will catch its wave. Our class is the last to go to Tagaytay and experience one of the major highlights of senior year complete with a bonfire, lots of letter-writing, games and five meals in a day. What's more with an overnight with classmates? Now that feels like a humongous slumber party.

I'm thankful November came to a close in a good manner compared to the last five years. I guess the "November Curse" is over. 

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. - Eleanor Roosevelt
Posted on Saturday, December 4, 2010 at 3:47 AM.