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It Girl

It saddens me that I don't play It Girl anymore.

This game was the highlight of Summer 2011. I miss the late nights of winning showdowns, searching racks to earn XP and pampering my "boyfriend". I miss changing my character's look week after week. Back in April, I would log in to FB only to play the game. But since coming home from Singapore and college began, I dumped it like I what I did to Pet Society last year. 

I think this saying lives up to my experience, "Someday, you'll grow out of a fad."


Posted on Saturday, June 25, 2011 at 11:17 PM.
Boy you got my heartbeat running away
Today has been my usual Saturday over the summer - homewrecked and bored. Due to the seemingly infinite downpour of rain, I was stuck at home with the Internet, my phone and an endless litany of answers to the question "What's on your mind?". Classes were suspended so I didn't get to roam outside the house and see my blockmates. You see what I mean? Typhoons ruin great plans. On Thursday, the Thomasian Walk was cancelled but Ange, Gox and I made an effort to visit our HS classmates still. On Friday (yesterday), I was supposed to go to SMSL to meet my blockmates and do our INTSOCI project. Unfortunately, the onset of Falcon cancelled everything. In short, all of the things we were excited for were cancelled.

Despite Falcon's shot at the Philippines during the past three days, we had an adventure at UST's Thomasian "Walk". My class ended at around 11:10 and had lunch with some blockmates at cafeteria in the Razon Sports Center. After lunch, I headed to the library and stayed there for about two hours. At around 3PM, I went to South Gate to meet up with Ange and Gox followed a little while later. This was proceeded by a very irritating and turtle-slow LRT ride to Roosevelt and a carpool to UST. The three of us arrived at Espana at around 5PM followed with nonstop phone calls from our HS classmates who were sitting in Ice Monster for approximately three hours already. As we were approaching the parking area, Tin and Pads were already there waiting for us and me, Ange and Gox got out of the car in a heartbeat. Inside Ice Monster, we were greeted by more IV-3 people. Although we weren't complete again like what happened in the class lunch at Mang Inasal, it was great to relieve the HS memories.

All of our UST friends left at around 6:30 so it was just the Lasallians who remained on campus. The three of us headed back to Ice Monster from this unnamed restaurant in the second floor of one of UST's buildings. We shared this yummy bowl of vanilla ice cream w / Stickos and Hershey's kisses as toppings. Even before we finished our dessert, the crew informed us the store was closing so the three of us transferred to KFC for refuge (and didn't eat there LOL). For an hour, our parents called us every thirty minutes and we all talked about the randomness of life such as Mangafox, electives, Ange's two-week stay in Japan back in December, etc. We started playing with our cameras out of the stormy wonderland.
At around 8:30 PM, Ange's driver picked us up but there was one problem - the car was far from our reach and to get there we must cross the knee-high flood first. Well, there's a always a first time for everything right? To keep up with the Thomasian's urban legend of "dipping in the flood", the three of us took off our shoes and crossed the street in order to get into the car. Traffic was pretty crappy and everywhere we looked at the Espana streets, there was flood all over. People were waving at us and drivers were cursing at other drivers left and right.  At around 11PM, I was home and went to bed at around 1AM. Thank you Ange, Gox, Tin, Pads, Gela Bee, Auds, Chini, Mariae, Jane, Rein, Iya, Baggy and Aiza for being with me on a dreadful day with the Thomasian Walk cancelled and the flood adventures >:D< Also a special mention to my grade school friend Yna for being there with us despite not being with our HS class and to Kaka for remembering me despite looking unrecognizable to her until I said hello :)

The next day started with a blur. Our INTSOCI meeting at SMSL was cancelled so I was at home the whole day. From 7PM to 1AM, I waited for the suspension of classes while tweeting, Facebooking and tumbling my lopsided brain. Everyone was mentioning me in their tweets, friends are begging me to upload the photos from Thursday's UST visit and I was on FB for four hours because many of my close friends were online. At the stroke of midnight, it was announced on the DLSU website that classes were suspended. Phew! I did a little more surfing for an hour before heading to bed in the middle of the clashing of thunder and rain.

Looking back at what happened, I guess a typhoon may be not so bad anymore if your friends are there right on your side. Before I conclude this entry, I'd like to present to you a very amazing cover of "Super Bass" by the talented Karmin:

[Nicki Minaj / Karmin]


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I've got soul but I'm not a soldier
Last Thursday (June 16), there were two significant events: my dad's birthday and the DLSU Centennial Celebration. The day before, I uploaded a photo collage for my dad on Facebook as my birthday gift for him. I was really happy to hear his cheerful response when I read his reply from what I've done for him. Moving on to the centennial day itself, I was supposed to wake up at 2:45 AM and head to the campus at around 3:30 because our block was one of those scheduled to be featured on GMA 7's morning show Unang Hirit. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to go because of time and transportation constraints. So I just slept on and woke up at around 8 AM to go online.

Wait, another memory came into my head! The night before, I was talking to Sam on FB and Twitter. We were laughing our asses off as we shared stories about the cute guys on campus and about this certain person we were quite connected with. The next day, I tweeted about Katy Perry's Last Friday Night MV and Sam and I gushed about Darren Criss' cameo in the said video. Fast forward to 11AM: I was in Taft already and looked for my blockmates. Sadly, none of them were there at that time. For about 20 minutes, I was on my own. As my last resort to find a companion, I headed to the Central Plaza. Minutes before that, Angelica was texting me saying she'll return to DLSU at around 3PM because of the intense weather.  Suddenly, a miracle happened: Gox appeared! I told her about Angelica in the campus while we were walking to the bookstore. Boom! We saw her and her blockmates!

For the rest of the day, the three of us were together. After Central Plaza, we headed to the henna tattoo booth to accompany Angelica (who wanted one). For an hour, we were sitting at one of the covered benches eating burritos and sharing everything about college life. Once the tattoo dried up, we went to The Coffee Bean to relax. At about 5PM, we returned to Central Plaza for the mini-concert at the Ampitheater with all the Lasallians dancing to Live It Up and confetti all over the place. It was complete hysteria! When everything was done, Gox, Ange and I college-hopped to the photobooth, the food stalls and the Animo Street Party at Agno Walk. For dinner, we went to Moriter and doodled on cups (with insufficient colored markers in hand). Did I mention that I saw a lot of batchmates from STC there? Yup. It was really amazing to have a reunion with them. All of us were happy to see each other. The glory days of D. Tuazon were back for one night. Before we headed home together via LRT, the three of us had dinner at the Chicken Company in U-Mall. Thank you Angelica and Gox for the wonderful day <3

The fun with my HS friends is not over! On Thursday, I'll be with the two of them again as we attend UST's annual Thomasian Walk for all the freshmen. I'm soooo excited to see 75% of Seniors 2011 because I haven't seen most of them since graduation. I'm giddy and all prepped for another memorable day of my first year in college.

[The Killers]


Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 9:11 PM.
Lovely and Detached

Bye old layout...

Hello new layout!
Posted on Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 10:50 AM.
Flickr Nostalgia 2

I was looking at my abandoned Flickr account yesterday when I saw these artworks. The first two came from my second year planner. The third one on the other hand was drawn the summer after junior year. Because of time constraints, I have no time to make these doodle masterpieces anymore. One of my resolutions before 2011 ends is to resurrect my doodling skills and make an extravagant piece like these again.


Posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 10:02 PM.
Flickr Nostalgia

I made this in summer of 2010.

I miss doing these artworks.


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I got a brand new attitude and I'm gonna wear it tonight
I'll share something that happened during IV-3's mini-reunion at Mang Inasal / McDo Retiro last June 4.

We were talking about our universities while eating our lunch. I was telling my HS classmates about the wonderful time I'm having in DLSU. Suddenly, we started talking about our schoolmates and where they're studying. I was surprised with many of their revelations.

Sab was with us during our lunch and she was talking about her course in UST which is BS Pharmacy. First of the many surprises of the day. You see, Sab passed ACET and I think she's very lucky to be one of the many batchmates to be either accepted / waitlisted in that school. But when I learned she chose to study in UST instead of ADMU, I kept on wondering why. Then a classmate revealed that Meg passed the UPCAT but for some reason went to UST to take up medicine. After so-so details, I realized that what the wise men said were true: not everyone who passes UPCAT, ACET and DLSUCET goes to those schools.

I've heard about people who failed Big 3, got reconsidered and in some cases got kicked out of the school. There are some who didn't pass any of the Big 3 schools, went to a less-known university but became a successful student. As for what happened when the results came


Posted on Monday, June 13, 2011 at 7:40 PM.
Never Alone
Yes, I have a life.

The following took place between May 25 and June 10 (today).

  • May 25 - First day as a college freshman. WELCOME TO THE LA SALLE! 
  • May 27 - Lunch at Gravy Fix w / blockmates! A must-try meal: Southern Fried Chicken!
  • May 30 - First PE class...and we have to do the Centennial Dance.
  • June 2 - First time to visit the University Mall and had waffles and Coke Light :)
  • June 3 -  Sbarro at SM Manila - ROAD TRIP OUTSIDE TAFT!!!
  • June 4 - No prof for ENGLCOM so I decided to leave early so I could head to Mang Inasal Retiro for a lunch with my IV-3 babies! Although only about 20 of us came, it was still fun. Half of them went to Trinoma so the rest went to McDo located just at the opposite side. Went home at 4:30 after all the hyper talking and fries-sharing. I miss high school days especially 2010 and the first three months of 2011
  • June 6 -UST Froshies' first day! Lunch at Bacsilog in Agno Walk. The chickensilog is super yummy!
  • June 7 - YouTube session in the classroom. Karmin's Super Bass is a death-defying cover better than the original! 
  • June 8 - Photowhore session with blockmates inside the classroom (again)
  • June 9 - University Mall again and a meet-up at The Coffee Bean w / friends
  • June 10 - INTSOCI FREE CUT! Interesting talks with the girls on the block have never been this great.
Coming up next week: the Centennial Celebration (coincides with my dad's birthday) and mom's b-day on Independence Day. I'm planning to visit STC as soon as the batch annuals are out.


Posted on Friday, June 10, 2011 at 10:11 PM.
College has never been this fun
Yes, I'm enjoying the first two weeks of college even though I'm bombarded with assignments and groupworks. Story about it as soon as things clear up.
Posted on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 5:48 PM.